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Below you will find the Koh Samui locations from the video and what I particularly liked.

Lamai Beach: Here was our resort, it is a quite quiet, long sandy beach. In my opinion, it is especially suitable to take an extended walk on the beach and to treat yourself to a Thai massage directly on the beach. The southernmost end is bordered by some beautiful granite rocks. Since the hotels were partly built close to the sea, the beach is narrow in places. Unfortunately, a lot of washed up garbage!

Bophut Beach: Here is a lot going on and you can experience from jet ski to BBQ on the beach quite a bit. Despite many tourists, the atmosphere was relaxed. The beach is good to go swimming and then enjoy freshly grilled kebabs and corn on the cob 😉 Beach seemed well-kept, only little garbage.

Lamai Viewpoint: viewing platform on a hillside between tropical trees, nice view over the Lamai Beach region. You can reach the platforms either on foot or with a small “mountain railroad”. Once at the top, you can choose between all kinds of cocktails, soft drinks and snacks for refreshment. We were lucky enough to see some tropical birds and lizards there. At the entrance there is also a small pond with “fish spa” for the feet.

Wat Sila Ngu Temple (Wat Ratchathammaram): This Buddhist temple is located right on the ring road near Lamai Beach. Due to its bright red color, you actually can’t miss it. Very impressive are the many details in the walls and ceiling, which tell the life story of Buddha. In addition, you have a beautiful view of the sea and the coastline, because the site of the temple is somewhat elevated. Definitely worth a visit!

Samui Elephant Sanctuary (Chaweng): Thailand’s first ethical “elephant sanctuary.” Here are some elephant ladies, which were ransomed from bad keeping conditions and are now allowed to spend the rest of their lives there. As you can see in the video, the animals live in a large enclosure close to nature. Contact with visitors is voluntary and the elephants can withdraw at any time. One has the opportunity to help in the production of special snacks for the elephants and may feed them afterwards. Equipped with bananas as elephant treats, the tour then follows in the large forest enclosure, where you can get to know each elephant and learn interesting facts from the ranger. I felt safe at all times. It was a very touching experience, which I can recommend without reservation!

Central Festival Samui: Beautifully designed shopping center in Chaweng, with many restaurants, stores and stalls. In the evening, a Night Market takes place in front of it, which is well attended and offers a great atmosphere.

Snorkeling trip to Koh Tao: The trip included Ao Muang (“Mango Bay”) and Koh Nang Yuan Beach. Unfortunately, many shallow water reefs there have fallen victim to coral bleaching. Close to the beach you will find almost no living corals. However, if you snorkel a little along the coast out of the bays, you can still see well-preserved coral reefs, schools of fish and with a little luck sea turtles (!). In the sandy areas just off the beach, we were even able to see several elegant and beautiful blacktip reef sharks, which was definitely a highlight of this vacation!

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