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The trail starts at the valley station of the cogwheel railroad, follows the main road for a short while and branches off to the right at the first opportunity. It goes up over meadows to the Langenschwand forest. It is always worthwhile to take a look down at the blue Lake Lucerne. Depending on your physical condition, you can continue the ascent from Ämsigen or enjoy the ride in the rack railroad to Pilatus Kulm.

Once at the top, you will find many tourists as well as cheeky alpine jackdaws. Continue along the flower path, a walkway along the ridge, which is always secured with a railing. The view of the nearby Matthorn is particularly impressive. The path is mostly on the south side of Mount Pilatus, through a tunnel you briefly reach the north side with its steep drop-off. Here, the view sweeps far across the green midlands. After a while, the footpath turns into a mountain hiking trail. Finally, after a very short ascent, you reach the Tomlishorn, the highest peak of the Pilatus massif. It offers a fantastic view of countless peaks, with the Bernese Alps shining in white. The way back to Kulm is the same, always accompanied by the curious alpine jackdaws.

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Start: Alpnachstad village | Destination: Ämsigen middle station, continue with the cogwheel railroad to the summit station

Duration: 4-5 h

Alpnachstad – Ämsigen (middle station cogwheel railroad) – Pilatus Kulm summit station – flower path – Tomlishorn – Pilatus Kulm summit station – Alpnachstad

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