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A beautiful circular hiking trail with steep ascents and descents through forest and alpine pastures. The tour starts in the village of Näfels, where you follow the signs after the Oberseestrasse up into the forest. The hiking trail soon branches off and in many hairpin bends you hike towards Brandhüttli. Here it is worthwhile to take a short break after the strenuous ascent and to enjoy the deep view down into the valley.

We continue into the Ebnet forest, which is still very pristine with lots of moss and ferns. A conspicuous number of butterflies, especially the emperor’s cloak, and colorful flowers along the way make the further ascent entertaining. Soon you reach the Äschen inn and walk across alpine pastures, climbing gently up to the destination of the hike, the Obersee.

The view over the blue lake to the summit chain with the prominent Brünnelistock is particularly impressive. The lake can be circumnavigated on a wide path, repeatedly passing through small woods and lush green wet meadows. Down into the valley you follow the same hiking trail.

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Start/Destination: Village Näfels | Duration: 5-6h

Railroad station Näfels-Mollis – Brandhüttli – Aeschen – Obersee circular route – return

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