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This easy circular hike starts at the middle station of the mountain railroad (Chrindi). It is especially worthwhile in spring or summer, when the alpine meadows are full of colorful flowers and you can cool off in the two stockhorn lakes. First you walk below the Mieschflue in the direction of Vorderstocke, catching great views of the turquoise-blue Hinterstockensee further down. Passing a waterfall, the path leads, partly slightly ascending, over colorful meadows and through small woods with old conifers.

The blue Oberstockensee, which is soon reached, invites you to linger and swim. Afterwards, the trail goes up towards Oberstocke and through an idyllic, shady valley back to Hinterstockensee. From there you can easily see the summit of the Stockhorn, high above. The beautiful lake with its small island is a great conclusion to the hike. It is only a short climb back to the middle station.

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Start/Destination: Chrindi (middle station of the mountain railroad)

Duration: 4-5 h

Chrindi – Vorderstocken – Oberstockensee – Oberstocken – Hinterstockensee – Chrindi

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